2014 Marvin Gelber Essay Prize

I’m pleased to have been awarded the Marvin Gelber Essay Prize for the best article by a junior scholar in a given volume of International Journal: Canada’s Journal of Global Policy Analysis.  My article is called “Environmental protection as international security: Conserving the Pentagon’s island bases in the Asia–Pacific,” and is included in volume 69, no.3.

Read the full article here.  Abstract:

Island bases are integral to US grand strategy in the Asia–Pacific. In this article, I discuss the increasingly common practice of using environmental protection initiatives to secure the Pentagon’s hold on these prized assets. I argue that nature reserves on or around militarized sites on Guam, the Central Pacific islands, and Diego Garcia serve to buttress US political control over the territory concerned. In short, nature reserves in the Pacific and Indian oceans give vital political cover to the island fortresses that they envelop by adding a public relations-friendly rationale for the US military’s occupation of colonized territories as well as an additional layer of politico-legal control.