The Self-Destruction of Pax Americana

My latest article for Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs is now available online.  I argue that

it is the successful flourishing of the liberal international order that has been a principal cause of U.S. relative decline over the past 70 years.  If the relative power of the United States is now dwindling, it is because the U.S. has been successful at piloting the liberal order towards its ultimate telos.   For better or worse, the coming multipolar world is a sign of U.S. accomplishment, not failure, even if commentators and decision-makers inside the United States—not to mention key U.S. allies—are today having second thoughts about the wisdom of this seemingly magnanimous grand-strategic design.

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Why Brexit Matters for America

With the date now set for Britain’s referendum on EU membership, I wrote a piece for The National Interest about some of the implications for US foreign policy.

It’s official. After months of negotiations with his European counterparts, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union (EU) will take place in June of this year. The impending vote will have important implications for Britain and the rest of Europe, of course, but it also poses significant difficulties for U.S. foreign policy and the transatlantic relationship, too—and not only if the British people opt for “Brexit.”

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George W. Bush’s national security legacy is the ultimate sacred cow—that’s why Donald Trump is going after it.

I have a new piece on the LSE’s United States Policy and Politics blog.  In it, I discuss Donald Trump’s controversial attacks on George W. Bush’s national security legacy.

George W. Bush is back in the spotlight.  For most of the past seven years, the 43rd president has shunned making interventions in US politics.  But having now been drafted onto the frontlines of brother Jeb’s campaign for the White House, and after coming under intense criticism from Donald Trump over the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Bush’s legacy has become one of the hot topics of the moment…

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The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations

I have written a short piece of commentary for Gulf State Analytics, a DC-based political risk group.  The piece looks at the foundations of U.S.-Saudi relations, and takes the temperature of this important alliance.

U.S.-Saudi relations are under intense scrutiny. Officials in Riyadh chafe at U.S. reluctance to engineer the overthrow of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. More importantly, they fear that President Barack Obama’s diplomatic opening to Iran might prove to be a portent of normalized relations between Washington and Tehran. Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers accuse the Saudis of manipulating oil production with the specific intent of bankrupting U.S. players in the energy industry – a hot button issue in this election year. Furthermore, criticism continues to mount regarding the kingdom’s longstanding role in funding Islamist extremist groups and its current conduct of the war in Yemen…

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