Brexit – Views from the US

I contributed some thoughts to a LexisNexis guide on Britain’s EU referendum.  Free downloads of the guide are now available here:


Collegian article: Celebrating political diversity

I have a short commentary in the Rocky Mountain Collegian, the excellent student newspaper of Colorado State University.

During his recent visit to the United Kingdom, President Obama gave an audience of young people some sage advice.  “Seek out people who don’t agree with you; it’ll teach you to compromise,” he urged them.  “It’ll also help you if you decide to get married!”

I can only imagine that, given the company that Obama is forced to keep in Washington, his marriage must be as solid as a rock.  But as a professor of political science, it is the relevance of the president’s remarks for public affairs that interest me the most.

Implicit in Obama’s advice was a reminder that the habit of compromising with other people is just that—ahabit.  And like any good habit, finding common ground rarely comes naturally; it takes work to sustain…

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