Tolerance on campus

I have a short piece on tolerance included in today’s Rocky Mountain Collegian, CSU’s excellent student newspaper. It’s a follow-up to an article I wrote last year about the need to celebrate political diversity on campus.

Last year I wrote in The Collegian that the diversity of political views at Colorado State is a major strength of our campus community. “CSU Rams should be proud of their oasis of pluralism,” I urged.“And they should be jealous guardians of its future.”

My point was that students can learn a lot from others with whom they disagree, and that we should acknowledge the value of a campus community where the free exchange of political ideas is truly fostered.

Few people would openly disagree with this sentiment. Indeed, there is a prevalent belief today that diversity of every sort—racial, ethnic, gender and so on—is an intrinsic good that needs to be promoted, protected, and celebrated. I agree. But despite the overwhelming social pressure for people to show an outward commitment to toleration in all its forms, the truth is that tolerance can be an obnoxiously difficult principle to put into practice when it counts…

Read the full piece here.