My research focuses on issues of international security, broadly construed, as they occur at the international, national, and local levels of analysis.  I am interested in both the domestic causes of foreign policy and the implications of international-level bargains for national and sub-national politics. Substantively, my work focuses on US foreign policy and international security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

More specifically, my research agenda can be divided into two areas:

  • Great power politics, grand strategy, and power-transitions—especially the causes of war and peace during periods of major international change (with a particular emphasis on current and future U.S.-China relations), and the domestic and local implications of great powers’ foreign policies.
  • U.S. military bases in the Indo-Asia-Pacific and continental United States—particularly questions of how and why bases are sought, established, and administered by the Pentagon; and how militarized sites affect local populations and the natural environment.

I’m also interested in British politics, especially British foreign policy.