My research agenda can be divided into two main areas:

  • Great power politics, grand strategy, and power-transition theory—with particular emphases on US foreign policy, US-China relations, international relations of the Asia-Pacific, and the domestic and local implications of international change. My work in this area has been published in journals such as Asian SecurityChinese Journal of International Politics, International AffairsIsrael Journal of Foreign Affairs, Political Science QuarterlyPS: Political Science and Politics, and Review of International Studies.
  • US military bases in the Indian Ocean, Asia-Pacific, the 50 states, and the territories—especially questions relating to how and why bases are sought, established, and administered by the Pentagon, and how militarized sites affect local populations and the natural environment. Work from this stream of research has appeared in African AffairsAnthropology Today, Critical Military Studies, Environmental Policy and LawInternational JournalInternational Political SociologyInternational PoliticsJournal of Indo-Pacific AffairsMarine PolicyPolitical Quarterly, and Review of International Studies.