Study tips

During spring 2017, I posted weekly blogs offering study tips to undergraduate students. The series was aimed in particular at my students at Colorado State University, although I hope it might prove useful to others.

Picking a major: a plug for political science, 2 May 2017
Asking for letters of recommendation, 25 April 2017
Extra-curricular activities: Are they worth it?, 18 April 2017
Avoiding plagiarism, 11 April 2017
Writing professional emails, 4 April 2017
Strong writing skills aren’t optional, 28 March 2017
Writing a great introduction, 21 March 2017
What good in-class participation looks like, 7 March 2017
Credible sources: Who to trust when doing research papers, 28 February 2017
How to study for an exam, 21 February 2017
“Showing up” to college: What choosing to succeed looks like
, 14 February 2017
Taking notes, part two: What should you write down?, 9 February 2017
Taking notes, part one: In defense of pen and paper
, 7 February 2017
How to manage your time effectively in college, 31 January 2017
How to get the most out of office hours, 24 January 2017
College is a team sport
, 17 January 2017